League of Legends

May 8, 2014

If you do not know what that is... BRAVO! Are you a person’s social life. Probably not much to you but it Would be good to read. Do not do stupid to play this game. In my next article I will explain about lol boost.

Otherwise, you know what's League of Legends aka League of Legends / LOL. An online video game action combined with strategy elements. I was addicted to this game. And believe me,it’s the worst addiction. Do you know why? Eat you alive, literally. I Like That Guy That game never ends. They play 5v5 Matches and the game lasts about 35 minutes. You pictures? 35 minutes.

Before we play I hated the people who played lol. They Constantly Talked about tactics and about Those champions Those who have appeared about skills lol That DID not know what.

But What Happened? 2 summers ago I love a girl who is playing this game and I am convinced That fucking playing stupidity.

You come on Their website, download, wait 5:00 to load after you put in the game. Play the tutorial and the first impression is usually very bad. But I still play it as nothing you CAN do. And play 2-3, four games and already feel the keys, start to kill everything you get in the way and catch you, little by little addictive.

What's the game? Play Continuously until you get from level 1 to 30. The higher level of the May intaintat’s even harder to come in the next level up. I think it's about 200 games to get to lvl30. Increase 200 games in 35 minutes. Pretty much right? And is just the type of the iceberg.

After doing lvl 30 Which Takes about 114 hours after the above calculation, play Another 10 games to put you in the league. There is six leagues and each league is Divided into five divisions. We bronze (I, II, III, IV, V) Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Challengers. You have to make points to Increase the league and reach as high as the top. It is too complicated to spamming but it Requires a long time. And not worth.

UNLESS you have the challengers, there CAN and make good money. But the rest of guys who barely pass the bronze / silver / gold / platinum. why are people playing this game? I do not know, I'm glad I left but I CAN say that i have suffered the loss of a large part of life. I had a total of a year and a half about 1800 games. That Means Spent 1,050 hours in front of computer bro. and for what? For nothing! I lost myself. I have not read the books, I have not done homework. I Went out less. This game turns you into a loser in life. And for what? For a stupid ambition to get Even in platinum?


If you play League of Legends GMT please ask the questions:


-In what league you?

- How Many Matches you have played to the lighthouse and how long DID it take from life? Merit League Where You Are?

- It HELPS to approach girls?

- Earned Money?

- Although there is nothing else better to do in 35 minutes?


If you do not like the answers to these symbols questions... Brother. do it for you... lol kill site. Quickly you uninstall and do it. Believe me it's very nice to have some free time